Course index

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Course Sphere Level
ANTH 4010/6010: Historical Ecology Ecological Split
BIOL(FANR) 3460: Natural History of the South Pacific Ecological Undergrad
CRSS(FANR) 3060: Soils and Hydrology Ecological Undergrad
CVLE/MCHE/LAND 4660/6660: Sustainable Building Design Ecological Split
ECOL 1000: Ecological Basis of Environmental Issues Ecological Undergrad
ECOL 2100: Global Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future Ecological Undergrad
ECOL 3100: Study Abroad: Tropical Field Ecology Ecological Undergrad
ECOL 3510: Study Abroad: Ecology Laboratory Ecological Undergrad
ECOL 3530: Conservation Biology Ecological Undergrad
ECOL 3770: Urban Ecology Ecological Undergrad
ECOL 4880/6880: Environmental & Natural Resource Policy (only approved for Social or Economic Spheres) Any Split
ECOL(FANR) 4220/6220: Foundations of Restoration Ecology Ecological Split
ECOL/FISH/WASR 4310/6310: Freshwater Ecosystems: Resilience and Responses to Global Change Ecological Split
ECOL3520: Applied Field Ecology Ecological Undergrad
EDES 4650/6650: City Planning Ecological Split
EHSC 3060: Introduction to Environmental Health Science Ecological Undergrad
EHSC 4080: Air Quality Ecological Undergrad
EHSC 4090: Emerging Technologies: Bioremediation Ecological Undergrad
EHSC 4200: Global Climate Change and Public Health Ecological Undergrad
EHSC 4310/L: Environmental Microbiology Ecological Undergrad
EHSC 4400: Environmental Issues in the Developing World Ecological Undergrad
EHSC 4610: Water Pollution and Human Health Ecological Undergrad
ENVE 2610: Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Ecological Undergrad
ENVE 4230/6230: Energy in Nature, Civilization, and Engineering Ecological Split
FANR 1100: Natural Resources Conservation Ecological Undergrad
FANR 4273/6273: Field Studies in Sustainable Development Ecological Split
FANR(ANTH)(ECOL)(GEOG)(INTL) 4271/6271: People, Planet, and Profit Any Split
FANR(MARS) 4272: Antarctica: The Fragile Continent Ecological Undergrad
FISH(ECOL)(MARS)(WILD) 4550: Sustainable Aquaculture Ecological Undergrad
FORS 5100/7100E: Forest Ecology Ecological Split
FORS(ANTH) 4270/6270: Field Studies in Conservation: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Ecological Split
GENE 4020: Biotic Responses to Climate Change in the Ocean Ecological Undergrad
GEOG 3180: Global Climate Change: Causes and Consequences Ecological Undergrad
GEOG 4020: Fluvial Geomorphology Ecological Undergrad
GEOG 4160/6160: Applied Climatology in the Urban Environment Ecological Split
GEOG 4350: Remote Sensing of Environment Ecological Undergrad
GEOG 4460: Field Methods in Remote Sensing Ecological Undergrad
GEOG(ECOL)(FANR) 1200: Natural History of Georgia Ecological Undergrad
GEOL 1120/1120E: Environmental Geoscience Ecological Undergrad
GEOL 4220/6220: Hydrogeology Ecological Split
HORT 2000: Horticulture Science Perspectives of Sustainable Plant Production Ecological Undergrad
HORT 2000: Horticulture Science Perspectives of Sustainable Plant Production Ecological Undergrad
HORT 3300: Organic Gardening Ecological Undergrad
HORT 4030/6030: Sustainable Community Food Production Ecological Split
LAND 1500: Design and the Environment Ecological Undergrad
LAND 4360: Advanced Landscape Ecology Ecological Undergrad
LAND 4730/6730: Issues and Practices in Sustainable Design Ecological Split
WILD5200/7200: International Issues in Wildlife Conservation Ecological Split