Course index

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Course Sphere Level
AESC 8310: Food Systems Sustainability, Security, and Resilience Any Grad
ALDR(AFST)(LACS) 4710/6710: International Agricultural Development Social Split
ANTH 4070/6070: Cultural Ecology Social Split
ANTH 4085/6085: Conservation on a Changing Planet Social Split
ANTH 4242/6242: Culture and Tourism in Bali Social Split
ANTH 4400/6400: Green Culture: Environment, Sustainability, and Environmental Awareness Social Split
ANTH 6285: The Anthropology of Surfing Social Grad
ANTH 8050 / ANTH 8525 (series): Advanced Topics in Anthropology/Environmental Governance Social Grad
ANTH 8515: Institutional Dimensions of Sustainability Social Grad
ANTH 8540: Conservation and Community Social Grad
ANTH(CMLT) 6235: Writing Bali Social Grad
ANTH(GEOG) 4275/6275: Conservation and Development in Costa Rica Social Split
ANTH(ICON) 8560: Conservation and Development Practice Social Grad
CRSS 4020/6020: Social Sustainability in Agricultural and Food Systems Social Split
ECHD 4015/6015: Environmental Psychology Social Split
ECOL 4880/6880: Environmental & Natural Resource Policy (only approved for Social or Economic Spheres) Any Split
EETH(AESC) 4190/6190: Agricultural Ethics Social Split
EHSC 7650: Water Quality: Protection, Monitoring, and Management for Health Social Grad
ENTR 5450/7450: Corporate Social Responsibility Social Split
ENTR 7990: Directed Study in Entrepreneurship Topics Social Grad
ENVE 4530/6530: Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis Social Split
ENVM 4250/6250: Environmental and Public Health Law Social Split
ENVM 4930/6930: Environmental Law and Governmental Regulation Social Split
FANR (WILD) 4820/6820: Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and Wildlife Conservation Social Split
FANR 4800/6800: Renewable Resources Policy Social Split
FANR(ANTH)(ECOL)(GEOG)(INTL) 4271/6271: People, Planet, and Profit Any Split
FANR(ECOL) 4810/6810: Natural Resources Law Social Split
GEOG 4160/6160: Applied Climatology in the Urban Environment Social Split
GEOG 4890S/6890S: Athens Urban Food Collective (AUFC) Service-Learning Social Split
GEOG 8120: Seminar in Climatology Social Grad
JRLC 5990: Study Abroad: Environmental Communication in Havana, Cuba Social Grad
JURI 5280/7280: Environmental Law Social Grad
JURI 5750/7750: International Environmental Law Social Grad
LACS/SOCI 4211/6211: Environmental Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean Social Split
LAND 6040: Community and Place Social Grad
PADP 8660: Climate and Environmental Policy Social Grad
PHIL(EETH) 4220/6220: Environmental Ethics Social Split
PHIL(EETH) 4250/6250: Philosophy of Technology Social Split
PRTM 5900/7900: Ecotourism and Sustainable Development Social Split
RELI 4095/6095: Christianity and Sustainability Social Split
WMST 4170/6170: Environment, Gender, Race, and Class Social Split