Fall 2018

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Name Title Prereqs Requirement Level
AAEC 4720 Applied International Development Economics AAEC 2580 or ECON 2106 or ECON 2106H Economic Undergrad
AESC 2050 Effects of Global Agriculture on World Culture None Social Undergrad
ALDR(AFST)(LACS) 4710/6710 International Agricultural Development Social Split
CRSS(FANR) 3060 Soils and Hydrology CHEM 1211 and CHEM 1211L & CRSS(FANR) 3060L (Corequisite) Ecological Undergrad
CSCI 1210 Computer Modeling for Sustainability None Economic Undergrad
ECOL 1000 Ecological Basis of Environmental Issues Not open to students with credit in LAND 1000 or ECOL 1000H Ecological Undergrad
ECOL 3530 Conservation Biology BIOL 1104 or (BIOL 1108 and BIOL 1108L) Ecological Undergrad
ECOL 6080 Principles of Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development I ECOL(BIOL) 3500-3500L or permission of department Anchor Grad
ECON 2100 Economics of Environmental Quality ECON 2106 and ECON 2105 Economic Undergrad
EDES 4650/6650 City Planning Ecological Split
EHSC 3060 Introduction to Environmental Health Science None Ecological Undergrad
ENVE 4230/6230 Energy in Nature, Civilization, and Engineering ENVE 3220 Ecological Split
ENVE 4530/6530 Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis Permission of department Social Split
ENVM 4650/6650 Environmental Economics AAEC 2580 or ECON 2106 or ECON 2106H or AAEC 3580-3580L (Corequisite). Not open to students with credit in AAEC 4650/6650. Economic Split
ENVM 4800/6800 Water Resource Economics and Management Third year standing and (AAEC 2580 or ECON 2106 or ECON 2106H) Economic Split
ENVM 4930/6930 Environmental Law and Governmental Regulation Third year standing and (POLS 1101 or HIST 2111 or HIST 2112) Social Split
FANR 1100 Natural Resources Conservation Not open to students with credit in FORS 1100 Ecological Undergrad
FANR 1500 Fundamentals of Sustainable Development None Anchor Undergrad
FCID 4200/6200 Sustainability Seminar One of the anchor courses Seminar Split
GEOG 1125 Resources, Society, and the Environment None Social Undergrad
GEOG 4350 Remote Sensing of Environment GEOG 4330/6330-4330L/6330L or permission of department Ecological Undergrad
GEOG 4460 Field Methods in Remote Sensing GEOG 4350/6350-4350L/6350L or permission of department Ecological Undergrad
GEOG(ECOL)(FANR) 1200 Natural History of Georgia None Ecological Undergrad
HORT 3300 Organic Gardening BIOL 1103 or BIOL 1104 or BIOL 1107 or BIOL 1108 or PBIO(BIOL) 1210 or PBIO(BIOL) 1220 or HORT 2000 or CRSS 2010-2010L Ecological Undergrad
LAND 1500 Design and the Environment None Ecological Undergrad
LAND 4095 Sustainability in Design Open only to CED students Social Undergrad
LAND 4360 Applied Landscape Ecology LAND 2310, open only to CED students Ecological Undergrad
LAND 6030 Nature and Sustainability Co-requisite: EDES 6530 Ecological Grad
LAND 6310 Landscape Ecology: Materials and Processes None Ecological Grad
MIST 4550/6550 Energy Informatics Economic Split
NRRT 5900/7900 Ecotourism and Sustainable Development FANR 3400-3400D or RLST(NRRT) 3310 or FANR 4202/6202-4202D/6202D. Not open to students with credit in FORS 5890/7890 Social Split
PHIL(EETH) 4220/6220 Environmental Ethics PHIL 2200 or any 3000-level PHIL course or permission of department Social Split
SOCI(ANTH) 3400 Environmental Sociology SOCI 1101 or SOCI 1101H or SOCI 2600 or permission of department. Not open to students with credit in SOCI 2400. Social Undergrad
TXMI 4390 Studio VI: Advanced Residential Design Method TXMI studio I, II, III, IV Social Undergrad