Faculty FAQ

Semester in Review

My course isn’t listed as one which satisfies a pillar requirement, even though it deals with many aspects of sustainability — why not?

When creating the certificate, classes were chosen based on obvious relationships to sustainability. We did not look at every class offered at UGA (due to time constraints) but welcome the addition of new courses.

How do I propose a new course for the certificate?

To have a course considered for inclusion in the Certificate, please send a brief description of the course, including its place in the Certificate requirements, as well as a current syllabus to scdirector@uga.edu. The Advisory Board will consider additions to the course lists every spring and fall.  For details on our criteria for considering courses, please read our Criteria for Course Inclusion.

The Office of Sustainability also offers a faculty development workshop each May.  

The way I teach my course heavily involves sustainability (i.e. all the examples I use in my course pertain to sustainability) but the way other professors teach the same course do not. Can I still propose this course?

Absolutely! Simply make sure to specify in the proposal that your course is unique, identifying what pillar (ecological, economic, social) you think it satisfies and why. Be as specific as possible.

I would like to be added as an affiliate faculty member. How do I go about doing this?

Please e-mail scdirector@uga.edu and detail what membership criteria listed below that you meet. This information will be reviewed by the Advisory Board at least once a semester.


  • a member of this Faculty shall be a regular teacher of an approved course in the Certificate Program, or
  • shall have within the past two years directed a capstone project for the Certificate or
  • shall be engaged in research or publication in the area of the Certificate.

I am interested in speaking at one of your seminars, or know someone else who is interested in speaking. How can I recommend myself or others?

Please e-mail scdirector@uga.edu with your name, department, and what you’d be interested in lecturing about — we are happy to accommodate you but will likely have seminars planned a semester in advance.