Highlighted Courses

AAEC 4730  The World Food Economy

This course examines the economics of global food and fiber production, consumption, and trade. It explores agriculture's many roles in the global economy vis a vis economic development, food security, political economy, and environmental sustainability.

CRSS 4020S/6020S - Social Sustainability of Ag & Food Systems

What is social sustainability? Why should we care? How can we develop agricultural and food systems that are socially, as well as environmentally and economically, sustainable? How can we support ag/food systems that are healthy and equitable for producers and consumers? This course explores these questions through coursework and service-learning.

HORT 3300 Organic Gardening 

This a 3-hour lecture course with a work requirement at UGArden. The course covers the basics of organics and serves as a prerequisite for HORT 4125 Organic Farm Systems, a hands-on organic course.

HORT 3920 UGArden Internship

This is a 3-hour credit work experience at UGArden, a student-run organic farm. interns learn to plant and manage organic vegetables, operate farm equipment, including tractors, and gain valuable experience in food production. The farm also produces several fruits, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, and medicinal herbs. This Spring 2018 semester we are offering a special herb internship where a student will focus on the expansion of our herb plantings and learn to make tea, soap, tinctures and other herb products.

HORT 4125 Organic Farm Systems 

A 4-hour hands-on course taught at UGArden. Students are assigned their own garden plot where they will grow spring garden. This course is the cornerstone course for the Certificate in Organic Agriculture.