Work Plan Peer Review

As part of the capstone development process, all students must get at least two peer reviews of their work plan.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Login and open the Capstone tab on your profile
  • Click the Reviews and then Review other work plans
  • That will take you to a list of other work plans ready for review
  • Select one of the names on the list with the fewest reviews
  • Read through the work plan
  • Click Reviews and then Review this work plan
  • That will open a form with 6 questions for you to answer. Offer feedback and submit.
  • Repeat

At this time, only folks who are working on a capstone work plan can offer peer reviews.

We feel that peer review is a valuable way for you to get feedback and to think critically about the process.  Please offer constructive criticism to help your peers move forward.