Certificate By-Laws

1. Membership in the Affiliate Faculty of the certificate shall be determined by the Advisory Board, following these guidelines:

  • a member of this Faculty shall be a regular teacher of an approved course in the Certificate Program, or
shall have within the past two years directed a capstone project for the Certificate or
shall be engaged in research or publication in the area of the Certificate.

2. New faculty and courses may be added at any meeting of the Advisory Board.

3. Requirements for the Graduate or Undergraduate Certificates shall be modified as warranted by the Advisory Board and approved by the appropriate University committees and schools.

4. The Certificate Program shall be supervised by the Director, including scheduling of courses through the Registrar’s Office, administration of the budget, and solicitation of funds to support the Program. The Director shall report directly to the Dean of the host college and shall carry out the work of the certificate in consultation with the Advisory Board.

5. The Advisory Board shall oversee the program, approve new courses, oversee disbursement and use of program funds, and revise program requirements over time. The Advisory Board will be comprised of the Director and representatives from each participating college, the Center for Integrative Conservation Research, Office of Sustainability, Graduate School, and additional faculty as needed to provide balanced representation from each area of sustainability (economic, social, and ecological). Advisory Board members will serve two-year renewable terms.

6. These By-Laws shall be subject to amendment by approval of two-thirds of the members of the Advisory Board present at a called meeting.