Capstone Mentoring

If you are looking for a mentor, first check our list of Sustainability Faculty.

Below is an outline of mentor expectations.


Who can be a mentor?

  • Faculty or UGA staff

  • Athens-area community sustainability professional

Expectations of the Mentor

  • Advise the student on their project, but let them lead it.

    • Mentors are expected to offer guidance, advice, and expertise. Students are expected to set meetings and come to mentors for help. The project is ultimately the student’s responsibility.

  • Help students set realistic goals and timelines.

  • Review student’s capstone work plan and timeline tasks.

    • The work plan and timeline are crucial elements of the capstone process. It is essential that the mentor review both of these with the student before they start work on the project. For more details on the work plan and timeline system, refer to the Capstone Guidelines.  

  • Meet regularly with the student to check-in on the progress of their project.

    • Be clear with your mentee about the level of involvement that you can offer.