Certificate Update, Fall 2016


If you are looking for more details on the certificate, please read the certificate requirements and browse the other pages of our website.

A few quick facts


Ways for students to get involved

Ways for faculty to get involved

  • Teach a course - If you would like to nominate a course for inclusion in the program, please send a brief description of the course, including its place in the certificate requirements (e.g. anchor), as well as a current syllabus to scdirector@uga.edu. The Advisory Board will consider additions to the course lists every spring and fall.
  • Participate in the Office of Sustainability's Faculty Development Workshop  or its Faculty Learning Community.
  • Mentor a capstone - All students are required to complete a three-credit-hour project, known as the capstone project. Capstone projects provide an opportunity for students to apply classroom learning to hands-on sustainability challenges. A capstone can take the form of an applied project in the student’s given area of interest (e.g. exhibition, research, community-based programs, public policy development, social entrepreneurship, or an internship). If you are interested in serving as a capstone mentor, please let us know by emailing scdirector@uga.edu.
  • Help spread the word about the certificate within your home department; we can send you posters, bookmarks, or digital banners to run on closed circuit TVs. We’re also available to come and meet with your faculty to give an overview of the certificate and answer any questions.
  • If you are teaching a certificate course or a sustainability-related course in spring 2017, please send a course announcement to scdirector@uga.edu. We’ll post a list of spring courses to our student listserv and to the website.
  • Support our students by attending our spring certificate orientation is Feb. 15th at 4pm.  We would like for as many faculty to participate as possible.


Thanks for all of the great work you do to promote sustainability!


Sustainability Certificate  

Ron Balthazor, Director scdirector@uga.edu

Talley Vodicka, Administrative Specialist

Julie Delose, Graduate Intern

Nirav Ilango, Intern