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The Certificate in Sustainability requires 17 credit hours. All students working toward the certificate must take an anchor course (3 hours), two 1-hour seminars, and a course for capstone credit (3 hours). Students must also take one course under each of the three “spheres” of sustainability (9 credit hours total). You can find which courses are offered in each sphere by clicking on “Courses” above and clicking through the pages on the left navigation pane.

NB: We require that at least one of the spheres come from courses outside you major and highly recommended that two of the three spheres come from courses outside of your major to develop the broadest perspective on sustainability.

The application is available on our website. Log in with your UGA MyID and then fill out the application form.

Students must be in good standing with the university at the time of applying and will be notified by email when they have been accepted into the program.

Now you can meet with the Certificate Director, Dr. Ron Balthazor. He will help you decide which courses you should take in the next semester. For any questions about courses to take or to set up a meeting with Dr. Balthazor, please email: It is recommended you start the program by taking the anchor course. You can track your progress on the checklist in your profile on the website.

In most cases, yes. If you have recently completed an undergraduate degree at UGA (that is, graduated within three semesters or within the last year) you may already be able to register for certificate courses. More information about this process is available on the Registrar’s website []. If it's been more than three terms since you have graduated, you will need to re-apply as a 'former student’. Deadlines to reapply as a former student is one business week before the first day of class for the application term. For information on how to apply to UGA as a ‘former student’, please visit the Registrar’s website [].

Login to the website by clicking the login button at the top right of the webpage. There, you should see your checklist indicating what you have completed and what is still required of you. If you have questions or if you see a problem, please email: At any point during your pursuit of the certificate, you may meet with the Certificate Director, Dr. Ron Balthazor, for guidance.

Double-check that you’ve met all requirements by logging in to the website and looking at your checklist.

When you Apply to Graduate in Athena - you must apply to Graduate with the Sustainability Certificate. This will be done the semester you graduate - do NOT forget. Here is what you will do when the time comes:

Log onto Athena:

Click: Student > Apply to Graduate > Follow the Directions to add the Sustainability Certificate

Absolutely! Quite a few courses that satisfy requirements for the Certificate of Sustainability are offered during UGA Study Abroad experiences. For more information, visit our page on fulfilling certificate requirements while studying abroad.

Many companies are now looking for a “Sustainability Expert,” “Chief Sustainability Officer,” or an “Environmental Manager.” Sustainability knowledge can be applied to all kinds of jobs in the private sector, non-profits, or government. Additionally, training and understanding in sustainability is becoming an essential skill in the modern workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2011, the highest median salaries in sustainability were in management and engineering. For more information about your job / career options, feel free to schedule a meeting with Dr. Balthazor.