Certificate Orientation & Workshop


Wednesday, September 12, 2017


Sanford Hall 309

Will there be food? Yes! Great community? You bet!

The first hour is primarily for new folks who would like to learn more about the certificate.  Everyone is welcome for the second hour to meet and greet.


Wednesday, September 12, 2017


Sanford Hall 314

We will have a Capstone Workshop for all of those approaching their capstone projects.  It will be at same time as our Fall Certificate in Sustainability Orientation so that you can meet the new folks after. The workshop is ideally for folks who will be doing their capstone in the spring, but all are welcome.

Please join us for food, great community, and more information about how to dive into your capstone project.




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Sustaining futures: Office of Sustainability recognizes students, faculty

"It's taken each one of us to reduce UGA's energy and water use intensity by 21 percent and 25 percent respectively since 2007," said Kevin Kirsche, Office of Sustainability director. In two years, the certificate of sustainability program has jumped from one graduate to 21 graduates. Read More (by Sofi Gratas and  Kesel) Wellsley

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Certificate Impact

From initiatives that save our university millions of dollars in food waste every year to helping support sustainable solutions to invasive plant growth, our students are making a difference in the Athens-Clarke County community. Want to find out more? Take a look at some final portfolios produced by Certificate graduates, featuring their experiences with sustainability at UGA!

David Hasslinger's Portfolio

Lindsey Bineau's Portfolio

Mason Towe's Portfolio

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Social Ecology Studio Project Pilot Grants

The Social Ecology Studio is a multi-researcher, collaborative art workspace dedicated to advancing sustainability and resilience through the arts. Capitalizing on art’s ability to engage, inform and activate a diverse range of constituents, the studio acts as a bridge, humanizing and connecting community members and policy makers with issues entrenched in social ecology. The Studio facilitates collaborations with scientific and social research topics from across campus and the community, serving as a hub for graduate and undergraduate students to identify research opportunities while providing space and resources to work collaboratively.

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